Sensei Paul Carpenter

Rank: 3rd Dan

Years Training: 22

Favourite Techniques: Gyaku Tsuke (Reverse Punch), Mae Geri (Front Kick)



Tournament Achievements:
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s Team Kumite TYGA World Open 2009
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s over 40’s Individual Kumite Tyga World Open 2010
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s Team Kumite TYGA World Open 2010

Sensei Paul currently trains and instructs at the main Dojo in Halland. Paul started in Martial Arts after seeing a session going on through the glass of the Dojo on the way back from the Gym, as Paul watched the session through the window he thought at the time what a great way to enhance his cv workouts and soon become hooked and realised Martial Arts is so much more than just a great workout.

Known as the Burgess Hill Bull to other members of TSM Martial Arts and often lives up to this name. Sensei Paul is married and lives in Brighton with his Wife Claire, two Sons Presley and Brandon. The 6ft 2 Burgess Hill Bull can often been seen walking along Brighton beach with his two little King Charles spaniels Jessie and Woody.

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