Welcome to TSM Martial Arts…

TSM stands for the Japanese words; Tsuyo-sa, Shinjitsu and Meiyo. Translated, they mean:

These words encompass the overall principles that govern what we do at TSM Martial Arts.

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Simple yet different

Our system is a simple but effective one. Its roots come from traditional Wado Ryu & Shotokan Karate.

Where TSM is unique is in the application of other styles and techniques which enhances what is already a good system and makes it more versatile.

TSM Martial Arts was started by Sensei Will Miles and Sensei Paul Carpenter and they jointly run the club on a day to day basis. They have over 35 years combined experience in Martial Arts and are always happy to pass on and teach their skills.

However one of the keys to achieve what you want in TSM is to focus on You… Yes, you will get far better results by improving yourself and working on your own potential than in any other way.

So, what do we do?

We take you from whatever stage you are now and systematically hone your skills, making you a more competent Martial Artist.

This system relies on input from both sides:
Instructor: Coaching, observing and teaching.
Student: Taking part and improving their skill level through regular practice.

The key ingredients are a good level of commitment and consistency:
1. Commitment: Attend training sessions and practice what you have learnt at home.
2. Consistency: You need to keep up your training, especially in the early days, weeks and Months.

It is so much more enjoyable that way and you learn faster and retain more. Doing the two points above will give you a cumulative improvement in your training and skill level early on that will amaze you.

Once a certain amount of time has passed and this varies for everyone.
You’ll really begin to develop usable skills and as a result will have renewed energy and stamina to continue developing and training.

The point of all this is a very straight forward one… Martial Arts is a ‘way of life’.

A revolutionary approach

Having started the club, Sensei Will and Paul decided to incorporate what has been a significant discovery in their own training… And that is including other different styles and techniques in their arsenal.

There has always been a doctrine in Martial Arts that say’s a system is at its strongest and most effective when it is pure and undiluted.

This can be seen in the many schools that return to their roots in Asia for training directly from the founding Fathers or Descendant’s of the system.

TSM does not go against this tradition. Instead embraces it. While advocating that a system it also improved when new techniques are introduced where appropriate…

Especially when you consider that most Martial Arts systems have developed out of necessity and have subsequently been adapted to the needs of the founders and also to overcome any shortcomings the system had when first put to the test.

If this is the case, by adding different styles, techniques and adapting, you further enhance and make a system more effective for the purposes it is required in the age we are living in now.

You, Confident, Strong, Disciplined and Healthy… While learning to Defend Yourself…

This is what we Guarantee TSM Martial Arts will do for You.

How do we know? Well, we asked our existing members both children and adults to give us some feedback on what it is they have got from training with TSM… The statement above summarises their answers.

You will be pleased to know that it will work for you as well and all you have to do is follow the two key ingredients mentioned earlier… Commitment and Consistency.

We also know that you may want all or only a small part of that statement. And that is ok. You may already be confident, strong, disciplined and healthy. But want to learn how to defend yourself… Or you may already know how to defend yourself but feel like your fitness level needs improvement.

We can accommodate any combination of the above, we are a friendly, open group and are always willing to discuss your needs and find a solution that is best for both sides… So, please get in touch via email, telephone or feel free to drop in to one of our sessions. See the contact page for all the details.

Strength Truth Honour