Sensei Dave Prestwich

Rank: 3rd Dan

Years Training: 15

Favourite Technique: Ashi Barai (Leg Sweep)

Tournament Achievements:
1st Place (Gold) Men’s Kyu Grade Kata TYGA World Open 2005
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s Individual Kyu Grade Kumite Tyga World Open 2005
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s Kyu Grade Kata TYGA World Open 2007
1st Place (Gold) Men’s Team Kata Kata TYGA World Open 2009
3rd Place (Bronze) Men’s Kumite Tsuyoi Sussex Kyokushin Open 2014

Sensei Dave runs the TSM Club in Hertfordshire just outside of Tring. A former youth street fighter from Manchester, Dave was never far from combat growing up. Dave started karate training with an Traditional Japanese karate system based in the distant north. He saw the light and moved south in 2004 and started training with Will and Paul. As a keen strength and stamina enthusiast, he is often enduring various outdoor pursuits to ensure his middle-aged-accountant body doesn’t get too comfy and large! With 7 kids in the house, Dave says balancing training with both a hectic work schedule and family is the toughest fight he will ever have!

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