Senpai Edwin Mathews

Rank: 2nd Dan

Years Training: 11

Favourite Technique: Jumping Spinning Side Kick




Ed is certainly one who is completely dedicated to karate, not only managing to express his love for the field in any way he can but also balancing this passion alongside his full time college work. This passion is derived from a source which is rather close to Ed’s home, given that his Father and now his family found in second TSM inspired him to push through the blood, sweat and tears in order to make something of himself. This constant striving to achieve more has set his sights to eventually competing nationally and dabble in other martial arts. In order to pursue such goals, Ed has always ensured that he maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle, which TSM has helped him in doing through their own mix of traditional and modern aspects of going about things. Ed’s frame of mind and deeply held motivation will no doubt lead him to greater things in the field of martial arts.

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