Stuart Peal

Rank: 1st Dan

Years Training: 6

Favourite Technique: Reverse punch, Snap kick

Tournament Achievements:
2nd Place (Silver) Junior’s Individual Kumite Tyga World Open 2008
1st Place (Gold) Junior’s Individual Kumite TYGA World Open 2009
3rd Place (Bronze) Junior’s Individual Kickboxing TYGA World Open 2010
2nd Place (Silver) Men’s Team Kumite TYGA World Open 2010
1st Place (Gold) Junior’s Individual Kumite TYGA World Open 2010

Currently studying at University, Stuart is missing out on all the action at the club (though he’s hoping to bring back some of the Mixed Martial Arts Loughborough has on offer during his holidays!). He first became involved when he saw a demonstration one evening at his local scout group, Stuart dropped his kickboxing and leapt straight into karate. The modern style and tough sessions suited to varied abilities means he has enjoyed every moment of the 6 years he’s spent with the club and is determined to keep pushing himself!

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