TSM Aston Clinton – Grading

Congratulations to those who graded last weekend at the TSM Aston Clinton club run by Sensei Dave. (From left to right) Will Orriss (4th Kyu), Dom Mountford-Hardman (7th Kyu), Nic Mountford-Hardman (7th Kyu) & Hannah Mountford-Hardman (8th Kyu)


TSM Winter Course 2019 – Stewart Creek 1st Dan Grading

Stewart in action for his 1st Dan Grading. This is the sparring section of the grading. Ten 3 minute spars back to back.


TSM Winter Course 2019 – Self-Defence


TSM Instructor trains alone

Half term and nobody shows to the session. What you going to do? Suck it up and train regardless.


TSM Training.

TSM Kicking Techniques


TSM Training at Ardales Lakes

Back at the lakes in Spain. Beautiful place to train.


TSM training at Mikes Gym in Spain 2017

Excellent training facility at Mikes Gym. Great Assault Course. Really good training for Strength and Stamina. We’ll be back.


TSM Family Session – High Hurstwood 6pm til 8pm

In this session both adults and juniors train along side each other. Perfect for families wanting to train together.


TSM Gear

Order your TSM Gear now.


TSM Winter Course Grading

Congratulations to the following students who graded on this year’s Winter Outdoor Course.

Front Row: Edwin Mathews (2nd Dan), Kayleigh McDonnell (1st Dan) and Stuart Peal (2nd Dan)

Back Row: Keith Bax (5th Kyu), Cameron Bax (7th Kyu) and Max Richardson (8th Kyu)


Strength Truth Honour