Aug 2014

Sensei Scott going through Kihon with the juniors


TSM Grading 12.08.2014

Well done to John Graham & Sue Adjayi for both grading to Blue Belt. Congratulations to Ethan Adjayi for attaining his Purple Belt with an outstanding grading showing great stamina and determination to the end. It was great to see the Adjayi Family over from Spain.




TSM Summer Course 2014

Well done to Jen Carter, Maddie Martin & Imogen Graham for grading to Orange Belt. Well done to Dominic Hillier for achieving his first grade (Yellow Belt) on an outdoor course.

Well done to Elia Graham, Laurence Graham & Harry Graham for achieving their Blue Belts. Well done to Zara Eastwood for grading to Purple Belt. Congratulations to Jessica Hocking who graded to 1st Kyu Brown Belt. Brown Belt upwards are when the gradings start to get tough. Keep up the good work and keep training hard.


Strength Truth Honour