Jan 2013

Winter Outdoor Course Grading

Congratulations also goes out to Paul Stovell and Louis Rogers who both undertook a grading in some rather grim conditions this year. Unfortunately after the Blackbelts had their assessment the weather took a turn for the worse. Snow was replaced by ice cold rain which did not stop for the entire 2 hour grading.

Paul showed great technical ability especially in kata which is very hard to perform on the side of hill let a lone with only mud to grip onto underfoot. He has now attained the rank of 1st Kyu. We look forward to see him go on and attempt his 1st Dan grade next year.

Louis has really come on this year and we have noticed a massive improvement in his sparring ability. This again was evident in the grading. He got stuck in and pushed forward against his opponents. Louis has now attained the rank of 4th Kyu (Purple Belt).

Sensei David Prestwich 3rd Dan

Congratulations goes out to David Prestwich who undertook a 3rd Dan assessment on this years Winter Outdoor Course. David’s formal grading lasted for nearly 3 hours on the slopes of Leith Hill near Dorking. The conditions on the day were very cold, muddy & wet underfoot and it even snowed just for the occasion.  Perfect for grading and showing true physical and mental strength no matter what the elements throw at you.

Now that David has attained his 3rd Dan rank, the title of Sensei is also bestowed upon him. He is now a full instructor for TSM Martial Arts. He is a great asset to the club and will continue be a great teacher and roll model for many aspiring martial artists.

Congratulations again to Sensei David

Guest Instructors Welcome

At TSM we are very open minded to all practitioners of martial arts from all backgrounds and styles.

With this in mind if you know of anyone who is involved with martial arts then please could you let me or one of the other dan grades know. We would like them to give a demo or come along as guest instructors so that we can all have a go and learn something new.

Many Thanks

Sensei Will Miles

Strength Truth Honour